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        Welcome to visit Yonghua Control technique Co.,Ltd.  

         Beijing Yonghua control Technology Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise integrating with research & development, designing & engineering, manufacturing and international trading. Backed up by the technologies of the University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing Yonghua aims at the transformation and commercialization of leading research findings made by the university.

         The company’s headquarter is conveniently located at the east of Bird Nest, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing, next to No. 5 city railway and No. 3 bus rapid transit, which also can take you directly to the company’s manufacturing base situated at the Baimiao Industrial Park in Changping District.

         After more than ten years of development, Beijing Yonghua attracted many talented and able professionals by creating better environment and opportunities for them to give full play to their skills, and its R&D team now includes 5 technical experts, 6 senior engineers (senior technicians) and 10 engineers (technicians). It manufacturing base owns leading edge precise processing and testing equipment. It adopts the advanced technology and scientific management experience from the German Bosch Rexroth, and builds its own systems such as design, production, purchase and outgoing inspection by copying the models of the German Bosch Rexroth, characterized by advance, accuracy and efficiency, which all contribute to high quality products. Beijing Yonghua successfully passed ISO 9000 in 2006, which laid a good foundation for the high-speed sustainable development of the company. In recent years, Beijing Yonghua increases in double speed year on year! In order to meet the rapid development of the market and customer’s demands, Beijing Yonghua keeps on opening up markets and strengthening service ability. It had formed a complete sales network and service system in Northern China by establishing subsidiaries and offices in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Shaangxi, Qinghai and Shandong provinces by the end of 2006, and after several years of development since then, these subsidiaries and offices all developed into relatively independent service teams to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers.

         Beijing Yonghua’s modern manufacture base in Beijing is based on Bosch Rexroth hydraulic technology, and employs Bosch Rexroth’s product control system as a template. The company is specialized in designing, processing and producing hydraulic systems. Its service base is located at Inner Mongolia Yonghua Hydraulic Control Technology Co., Ltd, its subsidiary in Baotou. The factory of Inner Mongolia Yonghua is situated at Baotou Economic and Technical Development Zone, covering an area of 26 acres with its first phase plant area of 4000sqms. It undertakes hydraulic equipment maintenance and reconstruction businesses and provides professional high-pressure piston pump, motor, proportional valve, servo valve and hydraulic cylinder maintenance and testing services. Its service is centered by Inner Mongolia and radiated to Northwest, North and Northeast China.

         As the partner of Bosch Rexroth China, Beijing Yonghua distributes Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components, STAR linear motion systems, servo motors and pneumatic components, and exclusively sell Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumping unit in China.

         Beijing Yonghua has import-export trade license, and can sign sales contract directly with foreign traders, and deals with foreign trade with in-time delivery and convenient settlement.

         After years of endeavors, Beijing Yonghua’s products and solutions cover wide industries from petroleum, electricity, ferrous metallurgy, nonferrous metal, airport construction, railway, aerospace, coal, machine tool, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and printing, and its customers spread all over North, Northwest, Northeast and East China. The hydraulic systems made by its own sell to Southeast Asia and other areas. Beijing Yonghua, following the principle “Honest and Credible”, and carrying forward its quality products and excellent services, joins hands with Bosch Rexroth, and expects to establish win-win cooperation relationship with its new and old customers, to shares the cutting-edge technical achievements home and abroad, and to contributes its power to the Chinese manufacturing industry.


      Beijing Yonghua Control Technique Co., Ltd
      Address:Rm.1301,Building A,AoChengRongFu Center,Hongjunying South road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
      Website: http://www.wlyxz.com

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